Surveillance, Security & Web Cams!

Metro Electronics offers a wide variety of cameras and solutions for remote monitoring including wireless!

View any 4 cameras or video sources at the same time from anywhere in the world! It even has built in motion detection, define your zone and any movement gets recorded. Record to either the hard drive and/or video tape with date and time stamp.

With this same technology you can make and sell your live feeds and broadcasts to the WEB for a fee and make money!!

Stern said he was the "King of all Media", and now with your computer, you can be the true "King of all Media".

These cameras took these picture below.


This is a close up of what you will see on the screen. The top left window is a video tape playing, the other 3 windows are live video from the 3 cameras above.

We specialize in all types of Security and Web cameras.

We have IP and LPR Cams

We can design covert cameras for most situations.


Home Automation Products

Gadgets / Remote / Convenience

Want to know when someone drives up your driveway?

Anything you think of we can design and price for you. Tell us about your special application, we can help.

Let the computer age make it easy for you at home!

Ask us how to get in control of your daily tasks and increase the security of your home and business


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