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As technology has advanced, we here at Metro Electronics have done
our best to keep up with changes in the fast moving Electronics Industry.

Residential or Commercial, Metro Electronics is here to save you money.

We offer fast Service and Support after the sale, no matter where you bought it.
Quick in-shop turnaround time. Pick-up and delivery is available if needed.

Our technicians can repair all types of equipment from TV & Computers to Karaoke and A/V Recievers and Amps. We understand your needs and provide cost saving solutions. Comcast bill to high? Want to watch the living room DVR in the bedroom with full remote control?

If you like more efficient use of what you have now? We have solutions, call us today and keep the money in your pocket.

Video Security. Camera's and DVR's

Computers, Desktop and Laptop repairs.

Is your computer sluggish and slow? Virus, malware and spyware a a very real problem. It may be possible to fix your computer remotely. It isn't always possible but its a lot cheaper if we can. Don't believe the hype on TV that a web site will clean your infected computer. We remove viruses everyday if it was that easy we wouldn't have a job. Installing programs and trying to fix your computer yourself can make the problem worse and our job harder. Don't make it worse, let us do the work!

Call us or send Metro Electronics a request for a Remote Tech today!


Large Screen LCD & Plasma TV's & Monitors



Laserjet, Inkjet, Dot matrix printers and all brands of fax machines.